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Photo Assistant

Brian   Fulda Member since:  03-Feb-2016
Alameda  CA  United States Last updated: 02-Jun-2017
Years experience: 3 Years
Also available in these cities:
Yes, San Jose, Oakland, all of Bay Area. Also available in most of California and beyond, depending on the shoot.
  Phone #1: 6102971880
  Cell Phone: 6102971880
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Languages: English

Passport: Yes    Drivers Licence: Yes
Drive Standard: No    Car/Van: Yes
Hi there, my name is Brian, and I'm a photo assistant based in San Francisco. I have assisted a number of photographers on a wide variety of shoots. I have a full time job now, so unfortunately that means I'm only really available for work on weekends and some holidays. Feel free to contact me and I will refer you to some Bay Area assistants for shoots.

Mario Testino - VOGUE, Silicon Valley, 3 days, 2015
Luisa Dörr - TIME, Bay Area, 5 days, 2016-2017
Jordan Siemens - Runner's World, San Francisco, 1 day, 2016
Matthew Millman - Architectural Shoot, 2 days, 2016
Chipper Hatter - 2 Commercial Shoots, 3 days, 2016-17
Eric Stein - Ventana Resort, Big Sur, 3 days, 2016
Paul Aresu - Editorial Shoot, Northern CA, 4 days, 2015
Thomas Krappitz - Editorial Shoot, San Francisco, 1 day, 2016
Taylor Crothers - Architectural Shoot, San Jose, 3 days, 2016
+ more.

I am well versed in a plethora of camera and lighting systems, such as:
- Canon
- Nikon
- Sony
- Hasselblad
- Profoto
- Broncolor
- Paul C. Buff
- More

I am also skilled in computer software, and I am quite knowledgable with:
- Adobe Lightroom
- Adobe Photoshop
- Capture One

I have a vehicle with a valid California driver's license as well as a passport, and I'm someone who loves getting my hands dirty and working hard. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail to work out your next potential shoot:

I'm interested in working on the following types of shoots:

On Location

Skills Equipment

Digital Photo & Video
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